img_1174img_1287img_1432img_20160221_094801img_20160221_104024img_20160221_120113img_20160320_120218img_20161102_224345The best 2hrs drive from Meru lead me to this very beautiful place up Mount Kenya .We drove towards upper Imenti up Marania forest (ever heard of the famous Marania extreme challenge? That’s the place) but now branched before we got to Kenya School of Adventure (KESAL).Getting to Rutundu from here was easy in a landrover bringing our drive to an end at Kathita gorge which we crosssed and walked to the cabins.From here we could clearly see Lake Rutundu which is a staggering distance from the cabins.

  1. A view of the east of lake Rutundu.
  2. Yet a second view of lake Rutundu from a higher point.This particular shot was taken on the way up the table mountain like mountain best viewed from the 9th photo
  3. A view of Rutundu Cabins and just to mention,Prince William and Kate Middleton were staying here at the time they got engaged. Rutundu Cabins is your perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy some worthwhile trout fishing at lakes Alice and Rutundu or if you want to hike mount Kenya not forgetting the views you get to enjoy.It’s a perfect getaway for the nature lovers as they get to enjoy panoramic at the comfort of the cabins.
  4.  A breathtaking view of lake Alice. Lake Alice is best known for trout fishing
  5. A second view of lake Alice which by the way you can fly to or walk from Rutundu which is roughly a 2hrs hike.You get to enjoy a breath of very fresh air on your way up
  6. That’s me enjoying the breeze at Lake Alice and the very beautiful view,i even had a photo shoot here.The background is simply breath taking.
  7. A view of mount Kenya
  8. A clearer view of lake rutundu
  9. Am very excited to be here definately
  10. Hikers enjoying a moment at rutundu airstrip,yes there is an airstrip in case you wondering
  11. Chilling at lake Alice
  12. A view of mount Kenya on the way to Rutundu
  13. That’s Kathita gorge
  14. Rutundu Cabins
  15. Just below that table mountain lies lake Rutundu,a view on the way up to lake Alice.
  16. A better view of Lake Alice



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