Try googling Garissa and almost everything you’ll see will be negative.Tell someone you are heading to Garissa and see how they look at you that is if they don’t ask you; what’s good in Garissa?,where will you stay? and the obvious that i won’t mention. Today am here to appreciate and write something positive about the town .Something that quite a number of you know nothing about,The answer to where will you stay. Garissa’s hospitality industry which i have to admit given the challenges the town has faced in the past,it is really growing.
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Kisumu Pt.2



Settling for Kisumu was a walk in the park,choosing where to stay was the hardest bit.I had 5 items on my to do list while in Kisumu; To catch the sunset from an elevated angle,catch the sunset by the lake,go on either a sunrise or sunset cruise,delight in local cuisines and lastly learn something new about Kisumu, its residents and their culture.This list didn’t make it any easier for me as i found myself torn between Acacia Premier hotel and Jambo Impala Ecolodge and as a result i ended up settling for both. What i loved most about Jambo Impala Ecolodge was the ease in organizing for my cruise and the fact that its nestled by the lake shores which made actualizing my list so easy.

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The magical north coast

 There is a lot to be said as far as Watamu and Malindi are concerned but i won’t be saying much,I’ll simply share my experience in photos.If anything i only headed here to try and recover from all the activity at Wasini and Mkwiro islands though i have to admit i do love north coast,it’s always a place close to my heart. Every time I get here I am submerged in pure relaxation, happiness, excitement, pride in my country, awe, love and serenity. In future i’ll be extending to Lamu county just to enjoy sunrises and sunsets as i hear they are breathtakingly stunning from that end. If you’ve never been to Malindi and Watamu before,see what you are missing out my friend, call it “The Magical north coast”

P.s Watamu marine park and Malindi marine park are a must visit.



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Giraffe Ark

If you follow me on any of my social media networks then you probably know that last weekend i had a great time at Giraffe Ark game lodge. I came across their signage by the road last year on my way to The Panari Resort Nyahururu and thought to myself,why not visit them next…I haven’t really had the time to plus i always wanted to visit with my best friend so when she confirmed her availability last weekend and i happened to be free also,we finally got to put a face to the name.

The lodge is 6kms from the highway, Nyeri-Nyahururu highway, and less than 40Kms from Nyeri town.Built on the Aberdare ranges it’s a combination of luxury and elegance.I have to admit that i loved it’s location,ignore the rough road to the lodge and focus on the ability to catch the sun rise above Mt Kenya,one word,perfection!That said allow me to share with you the beauty that is Giraffe Ark, a hidden gem but before i do,If you ever feel the urge to spoil yourself or escape your routine and want to do something out of the usual do not hesitate to visit Giraffe Ark.And ooh,it can be really cold,keep warm,you don’t wanna leave with a flu like i did but i guess it’s because am used to warmer weather….anyways have a look at this gallery


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Wasini/Mkwiro escapade

Just north of the delicate Kisite Marine Park lays the pristine Wasini Island. Getting there involves sailing through the marine park on an authentic dhow before diving into the azure waters and discovering the colorful ocean life that lives there though you can alternatively use a motor boat. After either scuba diving or snorkeling or whatever it is you’d prefer, savor a tasty lunch on shore. While on this particular experience i’d advice you grab your underwater equipment of choice and plunge into the irresistible waters, rich in marine life.Float, swim, and marvel at the diversity of vibrant life in this reef habitat. For those with scuba kit, the excellent local dive sites are a hive of activity for larger creatures. After working up an appetite, pull yourself from the sea to enjoy a traditional lunch, served Swahili-style on the beach. As you eat, keep your eyes on the waves for dolphins coming to play in the island’s protected, majestic waters.I spent a weekend plus in Wasini and the only recommendation I have is; pack your bag already!

When i first heard of Wasini island i didn’t know exactly what to expect so i simply let the place surprise me.I remember being very excited packing my bags to an extent that i forgot my binoculars though that didn’t ruin the spirit,i was up to an adventure to a place i knew totally nothing about,plus i had the zoom option lol.Have a look at this


Having gotten in Shimoni by 4pm it’s safe to say i was early enough for the sunset.My first shot at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park‘s gate

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Elsa’s Kopje

Getting lost or your vehicle getting stuck in the mud in a park while on a game drive is usually not the best experience,so they say.This however never applies to me,i have had my fair share of both experiences.I remember last year getting stuck and rescued by a land rover almost 2hrs down the line and in all that time i was busy taking photos but i guess i was easy because i knew help was on the way. My story to  Elsa’s Kopje begun exactly 2yrs ago.Technically today is our second anniversary hahaha .I woke up early enough on that day for my 7am game drive.It was all good until we got lost which was entirely my fault because i wanted to get to Rhino River Camp and if you’ve been to Rhino River Camp or Meru Park you’ll agree with me that unlike the signages to other areas within the park,directions to Rhino River Camp are poor.In the process of trying to find our way back we stumbled across a signage to Elsa’s kopje and my friend suggested that we go check it out since we couldn’t find Rhino River Camp. That’s how i met Elsa’s Kopje and since then it’s been a place close to my heart.From my social media networks i realized that not so many people knew of the place hence i felt inspired to do a post about the place having visited a couple of times.

Elsa’s Kopje is situated in Meru National Park, a roughly 30 minutes drive from Meru Park’s Murera gate and less than 1 hr flight from Nairobi. Get to enjoy guided walks,bush breakfast and sun downers,river fishing,dining under the stars and spa treatments among other activities.

Did you know that Elsa’s Kopje’s honeymoon suite tub got featured on the Forbes list of 16 World’s Best Outdoor Bathtubs and has been named under several categories among them as one of the top 5 safari camps in Kenya by wanderlust magazine?Now you know

Below meet Elsa’s Kopje, where elegance meets comfort


A view of one of the three honeymoon suites

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The Nyahururu Panari Resort

If you know me you certainly know that am the kinda girl that loves adventure and anything to do with nature and of course traveling.Am not sure at this point whether there is anything that excites me more.Typical Ray!!

So there is this time i was hanging out with my best friend and she said something about discovering Nyeri and Nyahururu arguing that we had been so much into parks,reserves and conservancies. That talk saw us head to the gorgeous Tafaria castle lodge ,am really tempted to switching the subject right now but let that be a story to be told another day.Where were we? Yes conservancies…so after Tafaria i went for a mini road trip that i dubbed #knowyourcountry hahaha…that saw me visit a couple of Countys from Meru to Vihiga through Nyeri Nyahururu. Before i got to Nyahururu town i came across The Nyahururu Panari Resort and the place caught my eye from the road.Right there and then i knew i had a new guest in my bucket list.I talked my bestie into it(i can be quite convincing though i think a quick look of the place from the net did the actual convincing here) and we found ourselves here.P.S. In case you find yourself around Nyahururu or better,Thompson falls and you need a place to spend the night or grab a nice meal think The Nyahururu Panari Resort  you can thank me later.I cannot seem to really find the perfect words to describe the place so let me let the pictures do the talking


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Laikipia Travel Diary

I’m a big fan of Laikipia county,it’s actually my favorite of the 47 county’s of Kenya. There is a lot you can do in Laikipia,lots of attractions like Thomson falls just to mention a few and a whole lot of places to visit  like this .Trust me when you are done with them all,the county will have a special place in your heart too. A 42kms drive from Nanyuki town towards Rumuruti led me to this very beautiful place, Jambo Mutara Camp.At first i thought i was lost,i never could have imagined such beauty was actually nestled in such a remote place.Driving down that road seemed like i was heading nowhere good,difficult roads do lead to beautiful destinations after all. Located North of the ancient Aberdares Forest the camp overlooks the beautiful hills of Nanyuki and a lush farmland, which is ideal for nature lovers.The rooms balcony will offer you breathtaking views of Mutara Conservancy. The gallery below speaks it all,check it out


You won’t miss a couple of them on your way along this road,they are part of the traffic

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